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 Product Description : Backed by the profound experience of the industry, we offer a wide gamut of Electroplating Rectifier Sets. The rectifier sets are a kind of electronic devices which changes high voltage alternate current (A.C.) into low voltage direct current (D.C.). Moreover, these sets find their applications in any industry, various electro-chemical processes like anodizing and hydrogenation. The process of rectifier sets involve producing a mostly metallic, coating, on a surface by the action of electric current. These electroplating rectifier sets are single or three phase devices on the basis of their rating.

Single Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator :-



Input Voltage Range 170V – 280V, 120V – 300V AC
KVA Rating , Capacity 1 to 40 KVA
Output Voltage 230 ± 1% AC Adjustable
Frequency 50 Hz ± 2%
Metering 72mm to 100mm Dial Accuracy 1.5 Voltmeter with selector switch to indicate i/p and o/p voltage
Indicator Mains “ON”, Low & High limit Indicator of Dimmer on Front panel
Manual Control Provision for manual control of output
Cooling Air Cooled
Output Voltage Regulation ± 1%
Rate of Correction Up to 50 V per second
Efficiency More than 98% ( At full load )
Duty Cycle 100%

Salient Features :-

Efficiency Using High – grade laminations and electrolytic grade copper wires, it gain efficiency of up to 98%
Display Module 72mm to 100mm 1.5 voltmeter
Front Panel Controls Auto/Manual facility of operation
Protection Short circuit, Overload MCB protection
Standard Confirming to ISO : 9001-2008
Mobility Ruggedized construction, castor-mounted for easy movement
Custom Custom-built specification and design available on request

3 Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator ( Air Cooled ) :-


Specifications :-

Capacity 3 KVA to 100 KVA
Input Voltage Range 340 V to 480V / 300 V to 500 V (Balanced or Unbalanced to be specified)
Output Voltage 415 V ± 1%, line to line Nominal or as specified by customer
Rate of Correction Up to 100V per sec
Response Time 10 m sec
Efficiency 98% ( At full load )
Waveform Distortion Nil
Line Frequency 47 to 60 Hz
Cooling Air – Cooled up to 100 KVA, Oil – Cooled for higher KVA Range
Protection Automatic High/ Low voltage cut off, Overload and Short circuit protection

Applications :–

  1. Air Conditioning Plants
  2. Medical Equipments
  3. Offset Printing Machine
  4. CNC Machine
  5. Escalators & Elevators
  6. Industries & Lighting Load
  7. Mail & Commercial Complex
  8. Residences & Offices
  9. Telecommunication System
  10. Metrological Department

3 Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator ( Oil Cooled ) :-

(5 Years unconditional guarantee)


The high fluctuating A.C. main supply is a very common phenomenon in india and the difficulties caused by them are known to well and need not be enumerated. The emergence of sophisticated computer era has created the need for a stable input supply as a basic necessity. The absence of this stable supply creates problems in many equipment. Unsteady voltage supply conditions result in total breakdowns of sensitive and sophisticated equipment.

Specifications :-

Capacity 30 KVA to 5000 KVA
Input Voltage Range 360-460V / 340-480V / 300-500V (Balanced or Unbalanced to be specified)
Efficiency Using high-grade laminations and electrolytic grade copper wires, gain effiency of 98% ( At full load )
Micro Controller Control Module Equipped with Advanced Micro-Controller
Display Module It has Digital/LCD display for true RMS Voltage, Current status indications and parameters, Auto/Manual facility of operation from front panel controls
Protection Short circuit, Single phase preventer, Over current electronic protection, Overload protection
Standard Confirming to ISO : 9001 – 2008
Mobility Ruggedized construction, castor mounted for easy movement
Custom Custom – built specification and design available on request

Manual Voltage Stabilizer :-

Specifications :

Capacity 0.25 KVA to 10 KVA
Input Voltage 170-290V , 140-290V , 100-290V
Output Voltage Adjustable
Output Frequency 50 Hz ± 3%
Indications Mains “ON”, High Voltage cutoff, Overload Indication
Voltmeter Analog or Digital
Efficiency >95% at EL

Features :-

Input range 100-290 to 130-290 & 160-290, Output Voltage adjustable Copper or Aluminum bound Buck/Boost transformer as per requirement :

Attractive front panel , High Voltage cut-out, Powder coated cabinet

Wall Mounting Stabilizer :-



Wall mounting stabilizers based on DSP technology are outlined to simplify your selection. They are much smaller and lighter enabling high efficiency operation. DEL gives you most powerful and highly integrated with hundreds of combination possibilities, suitable for most applications.

Specifications :-

Capacity 0.25KVA to 5KVA
Input Voltage 170-290V, 140-290V
Output Voltage 230 ± 8%
Frequency 50 Hz ± 3%
Efficiency 95% at EL

Control Transformer :-

  • Universal’s manufactures high quality power transformers with minimum losses and high power savings.
  • Out Control Transformers are designed to use at various applications secondary tappings.
  • Our range of transformers includes from 0.25 KVA to 5 KVA.

Air-Cooled & Cast Resin Transformers


Winder Power manufactures a range of air-cooled, dry type Class 220 insulated transformers, with or without enclosures. They are particularly suitable for use at high temperature and in tunneling applications.

The units are ideal for installation into switchgear cabinets or ventilated cubicles and present a reduced fire hazard. Winder Power’s air-cooled dry type transformers have gained a reputation for safety and reliability and were chosen by Transmanche Link to supply the power for the construction of the Channel Tunnel under the most arduous of conditions. Air-cooled, dry type class 220 transformers contain no liquid to pollute the ground or water supplies, which means that no measures to guard against spillage are required.

Our design and construction capacity can satisfy many diverse needs and applications, such as autotransformers, earthing transformers, reactors and earthing transformers, transformers for 6-12-18-24-36 pulse rectifiers, HV-HV and  LV-LV transformers, three single phase transformers, triple windings transformers, as well as applications for traction and testing rooms.

Furthermore, cast resin transformers can cope well with overloads found in most typical installations, whilst the quality technology employed in the manufacturing process of windings gives the product high level of reliability.

Applications for Air-Cooled, Dry Type Transformers:

  • Quarrying, tunnelling or mining environments
  • Basements, roofs or any other location in FACTORIES
  • High rise buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Department stores
  • Exhibition halls
  • Subways

Ultra Isolation Transformer :-

Specifications :-

Input Output Rating Available
3 phase 415 V AC 3 phase 415 V AC From 3 KVA to 250 KVA
1 phase 230 V AC 1 phase 230 V AC From 1 KVA to 50 KVA
1 phase 230 V AC 1 phase 110 V AC ( As per user requirement )
System Construction Delta / Star
Transformer Ratio 1:1 and 2:1
Regulation Better than 3.5%
Power Factor 0.75 log to lead
Frequency 50 Hz
VI Electric strength 2500
Insulation Resistance More than 1000 M
Capacitance Coupling 0.01 PF 100 b. b
Common Mode attenuation 100 b. b
Class of Insulation Class “ F “
Operating temperature 0C to 45C
Type of cooling Air

Applications :-

  • For preventing data – corruption and failure in computers using hard disc.
  • For the protection of telecommunication and data communication equipment.
  • For the patient’s safety while using machines like ECG, EEG or EMG pacemakers or any electrosurgical aid
  • For clear recording in audio and video recording equipment.
  • For error free data in process control instruments.
  • For elimination of earthing problem in computer installation.
  • For protection of CNC/PLC equipment from surges/spikes.